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Brenda has been a guest on various podcast shows and is available for future bookings. Caring Conversations features the voices of those who care. We share stories, perspectives, and insights about the caregiving experience. In our current season, we're following the journeys of those raising children with disabilities and complex needs, from childhood to adulthood. Your host, Brenda Blais, has navigated this road for over 29 years raising her daughter, Nikki, who is severely disabled and medically complex. Brenda is an expert in caregiving and is very passionate about sharing the wisdom she has gained on her journey with her daughter. Get in touch to learn more!

Episode Ten: Anita Scott | March 4, 2022

Anita Scott_FB&TW.png

Episode Nine: Mike George | February 18, 2022

Mike George_FB&TW.png

Episode Eight: Donna Thomson | February 4, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 4.26.22 PM.png

Episode Seven: Nicole Dauz and Stasia Sharpe | January 20, 2022


Episode Six: Kate Houck | January 7, 2022


Episode Five: Tiffany Yu | January 5, 2022


Episode Four: Colleen Breen | December 3, 2021


Episode Three: Liz LaHaye | November 19, 2021


Episode Two: Nikki Geib | November 9, 2021


Meet your Host: Brenda Blais Nesbitt! | October 22, 2021

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