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Hello there, my name is Natalie Moore and I have been working alongside Brenda for a couple years now. Her caregiving knowledge expands even further into the lifestyle area with healthy living products by Melaleuca. The products Brenda has introduced to me with Melaleuca has made my life so much healthier. Not to mention, when you are offering care to a loved one - why not set the healthiest environment possible. Like many things in life, it's truly all connected.

I asked if I could be a guest blogger to share my favourite Melaleuca products with her following. Why? Because they have seriously changed my life and I want to shout it from the mountain top!

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

Currently I am nine-months pregnant with some very sore and swollen feet! I'm allergic to gluten and my mom to coconut. It's hard for us to find a cream that she can rub my feet with (yes, it's true, she's the best mom around)! This lotion is allergen-free for us and soft on our sensitive skin. I even made sure I purchased a few small bottles for my purse!


Tromping through tall grass for a perfect maternity photo is certainly something a determinate momma-to-be will do! When I got home from this session, I noticed a bright red, itchy rash on my ankle. It wasn't a bite, but it definitely was an irritation. While Benadryl is okay to take while pregnant, I wanted to try something natural first. I grabbed my Mela Topical Gel and put a thick layer on. Within 15 minutes, the redness was completely gone with zero itching. Even after a hot shower, the redness was nowhere to be found! I'm keeping this in my medicine cabinet for life!

SustainSport: Raspberry Lemonade Packets

After a long walk or an attempt at a workout, I turn to these handy packets. These not only kill my sweet tooth and reduce my need for a nightly cupcake, but they make me drink LOTS of water.

PURE™ Lavender Essential Oil

This has helped me relax and reduce stress when I'm feeling overwhelmed. The oil has a lovely smell to it and it's easy to add to my order without having to track it down at the store. As a caregiver, I could imagine that this would help to reduce your stress as well!

So there it is, I could go on forever but those are my favourite items that have made a HUGE IMPACT on my daily life. If you are interested in exploring some items for yourself, I highly suggest talking to Brenda as she has so many great product recommendations.

Natalie Moore is the owner of Moore Creative Consulting and resides in Stratford, Ontario.

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