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Mindfulness: Live in the Moment

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Living in the moment can seem impossible when you are trying to care for a loved one. What does this mean? Mindfulness can take a backseat! But sometimes we all need to just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and try to worry less about next week/month/year.⁣

You might find meditation helps, or journaling, or spending a bit of time in nature. Try some things out and find what helps you re-centre yourself to achieve stress-reducing mindfulness. As a caregiver, your goal will be finding techniques that are effective and quick (we all know how little time us caregivers have to spare). You may not have an hour a day to meditate, but if a five-minute meditation track while you prepare a simple meal helps, do it!⁣

I've rounded up some ideas you could try to find your centre and live in the moment:


Deep Breathing

Spend five-ten minutes deep breathing where all you do is focus on the breath you take. Place a hand on your stomach and take a deep breath in so you can visualize and feel your breathing. Exhale slowing through your mouth and repeat. Take a look at Mayo Clinic's article about the power of deep breathing!

Feel your Feet

Many times we get stuck on a wheel of over-thinking. This alone is a huge stressor that can remove you from your centre. If you only have a minute, this one will work for you. Put both of your feet firmly on the ground and be aware of the bottom of your feet. This is all you should be thinking about. Pay attention to sensations in your feet. What do you feel? Is the floor cold? What is the texture? This practice will pull all of your excess energy down helping you to live within the moment.

Go Outside

Even if you only have a moment, step outside and focus. Listen to the sounds, feel the wind run across your face. Close your eyes if it feels right and practice mindful breathing. Nature is a natural stress-reducer!

Listen to Music

Choose a song that relaxes you. Play it and for the duration of the song and close your eyes. Tune into the instruments, the words, the voices, the sound in general. Dive into the rhythm and take a moment away from your chaos.

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