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The Daunting To-Do List

We all have chores that we don't mind doing, and then there's that one chore that we have to fight with ourselves to just get done. There are also the chores that we have every intention of doing but never seem to have time for. Like cleaning out the fridge or cleaning out our closets.

Let us know in the comments what your least favourite chore is, and what chore never seems to come off your to-do list. You'll probably be surprised, and maybe reassured, that a lot of us have the same least favourite chores... and the same "Oops I meant to do that" list of things that we promise we'll get to...eventually.

At this time in our world right now, caregivers are finding themselves increasingly stretched to the limits. We might have a lot less help with our loved ones and children we care for, leaving us a lot less time for us and our to-do lists. Don't compare yourselves to others who might be experiencing a lot more time on their hands to get their lives organized. Turn off those feeds if you need to.

Recharge whenever and however you can so re-prioritize yourself into your to-do list. You are much more important than your fridge and closets!

Keep up the good work and remember that you are doing the best you can with what you've been dealt. And always, be kind to yourself. ❤

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