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A.V.S.B.C., Podcast Host, Island Treasures

” I met Brenda after doing an online search for Canadian Certified Caregiver Consultants (CCC) and reached out to her with a few questions before becoming a CCC. From that initial contact, Brenda has exhibited authenticity, interest and expertise both personally and professionally. Her deep passion, care and love for her daughter spills over to caring for and guiding other caregivers. Her positivity, passion and encouragement is infectious and empowering. Brenda has a wealth of information, experience and compassion that she conveys clearly and succinctly through her spoken word. She is a delight to talk to, listen to and work with."

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Willie F

"Brenda, I just want to share with you how much your help with our healthcare issues eased my stress levels. As a third party with more than 26 years of caring and advocating for your loved one, you have a very special understanding of both the system and the feelings of your clients. 


Only someone who has been there can fully understand what caregivers go through on a daily basis. You put my feelings into a letter in a very concise and powerful way and I’m sure we will be able to positively change our care issues and perhaps restore some trust in the system in the future. I highly recommend your service and appreciate all you do."

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Teresa W

"My time with Brenda was an awarding experience and her professionalism and knowledge to address my needs to propel me forward was life-changing.  The guidance and the tools she provided have strengthened my self-development and uncovered the positive strengths I already possess. These have helped unleash a more positive reality and enhance the quality of my life. I cannot thank you enough for the sessions you offered me and the positive experience it was meeting with you."     

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Anita S

“Brenda has hands-on knowledge of the difficulties of caregiving. Her insights and advice were very helpful to me when I was looking for qualified support workers to help me take care of my daughter. I have seen Brenda be an assertive advocate for caregivers as well as for the loved ones they support. Her skills and understanding of the struggles of caregiving would be a benefit to anyone in need of her guidance.” 

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Natalie M

“Speaking from a strictly professional level, Brenda is a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable, strong-willed, determined and extremely easy to connect to. Her personality and strength is contagious and I know that anyone who chooses to work with her will be overjoyed.” 

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Theresa W

“Thank you for your kindness. The day we spoke was a truly overwhelming day and I apologize for not being able to hold myself together better during our chat. Thank you so much for everything so far. Your expertise in the areas I am dealing with is invaluable."

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Kelly M

“There is no doubt in my mind that you are an expert in this area.” 

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