is a source of support and energy for those offering care to a child or family member with special needs. Owner, Brenda Blais Nesbitt has been walking the same journey as you for many years and has acquired the tools to help lessen the confusion and created services to reduce your

workload and stress.


Like many caregivers, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the maze in which you have to navigate. From the confusion that a first diagnosis creates, understanding medical jargon, and getting through transitions to creating job postings, interviewing staff, getting your voice heard and finding time to organize your life, being a caregiver is anything but simple.


Not only does Brenda have certifications in life coaching and caregiver consulting, but more importantly, she has over 27 years of experience providing care to her daughter. Coaching for Caregivers Canada is your source to help make your life a little easier, to give you the confidence you need when dealing with health professionals and be your support system in this crazy journey called life. 

As a caregiver, I know how intimidating the ‘system’ can be, all about fearing the unknown, and feeling like no one has your back. I understand how we put ourselves last over everyone and everything else and I’m here to help you find yourself through the midst of it all.

Brenda Blais Nesbitt, BCPA, CCC, CMCP


Board Certified Patient Advocate

Certified Caregiver Consultant

Certified Master Coach Practitioner



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Step One


Book an introduction consult or reach out to learn more!

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Step Two


Initial intake by phone or video call to see how CFCC can help you.

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Step Three


Decide which service is best for you and receive a personalized care plan.

Brenda has hands-on knowledge of the difficulties of caregiving. Her insights and advice were very helpful to me when I was looking for qualified support workers to help me take care of my daughter....

Anita S