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I believe that there is strength in knowledge and that is exactly what Coaching for Caregivers Canada is here to do!

Hi! My name is Brenda and I have been a caregiver for over 29 years, caring for my child who is severely physically disabled, developmentally delayed, technologically dependent and medically fragile.


I understand first-hand the stresses we face on a daily basis navigating the healthcare system, community, and education systems. At times, caregiving can be an incredibly arduous and isolating experience regardless of your perspective. Stemming from many moments of trying to stay inspired, remain positive, be the best version of myself for my daughter, and make decisions with love rather than fear, I began professionally advocating for caregivers and those with special needs. Years of healthcare experience has reinforced my commitment to preserving patient dignity and respecting confidentiality.


With certification in life coaching and caregiver consulting, along with 17 years in medical administrative and research roles, I’ve fostered a strong work ethic, compassionate customer service, a high-degree of interpersonal and organizational skills, professionalism and tact. All of which are qualities I harness to be the best-possible caregiver and advocate I can be.


As your caregiver coach, I am here to guide you through your ups and downs, empower you to maneuver the system, help you engage with medical professionals with confidence, help you find the positives anywhere you can, and help you find time for you without guilt. I will inspire you to embrace the life you have been chosen for and create the one for which you want to live.


As your coach, I have your back...always...with love.



Brenda Blais, BCPA, CMCP

Founder & CEO, Coaching For Caregivers Canada 

Contributor & Podcast Host,

Board Certified Patient Advocate, Peer Health Navigator

Certified Caregiving Consultant, Facilitator, Educator

Certified Master Coach Practitioner

Certified Virtual Speaker

Listen to my podcast here: Caring Conversations

2019 Family Caregiver of the Year Award Recipient

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